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eration at sub-national levels by hosting the year of culture and tourism in 2021 in each

elopment of all countries, including Greece.Xi p

country. The two sides should a▓lso support the cooperation in scientific and t

ointe▓d out that exchanges of civilizatio

echnological innovation, including joint research.Fourth▓, the two sides shou

ns and m▓utually-beneficial coopera

ld jointly advance the C▓hina-European Union (EU) ties. Greece is an importan

tion constitute two main links in China-Greece relations.On practic?/h6>

t member of the EU and also an important country in the Balkan region. The Chi

坅l cooperation, Xi proposed that the two co

na-Central and Eastern E▓uropean Countries (CEECs) cooperation mechanism enr▓i

untries should focus their efforts on the foll▓owing

ches the meaning of the China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership, and Chin


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a i▓s willing to work with Greece to consolidate the coopera▓tion mechanism and jointly safe

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guard multilateralism and free trade to achie▓ve all-win results.Xi stres

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sed that equal respect, frie▓ndly cooperation, opening-up and inclusiveness

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, an▓d enterprising spirit are shared characteristics of the two▓ great na

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tions, and also the powerful driving force for the two sides to seek devel

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opment with joint efforts.▓He said that he believes that with concert

ed efforts of bot▓h sides, bilateral relations will deliver more ▓fruitful results and the two countries will ma▓ke greater contributions to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind▓.For his

part, Mitsotakis said that China is a great ▓ancient civilization and plays a decisive role in prom▓oting world p

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eace and development.T▓he achievements of China's economic developmen

t are u▓nique and can be called a miracle of human soci▓ety, he said, noting that China's further opening-up will provide more opportunities for all countries, including Greece.Greece-China cooperation is of st

▓rategic significance, and the Greek people thank China for its valuable assistance during the financia▓l crisis, the prime minister said.He pledged that Greece will continue to firmly support China on issues

concerning China's core interests, an▓d Greece will take an active part in the joint construction of the Belt an

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d Road to build the ▓Piraeus Port into the largest port in Europe and

promote Eurasian connectivity.Greece hopes to become a gateway for China to enter the European market and welcomes more Chinese businesses to invest and start businesses in Greece, which will strongly promot

e economic growth and local employment, he said.He also expressed the ho▓pe that the two sides will strengthen ex

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ommunications, manufacturing and finance. China is willing to import more high-quality Greek agricultural products a▓nd

John Doe, encourages more capable Chi

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changes and cooperation in shipping, energy, e-commerce, cu▓lture,

education, tourism and other fields.He emphasized that Greece disagrees with ▓the opinion that CEECs-China cooperation will divide Eur▓ope, and it will remain committed to such coo▓peration and play a positive role in promotin▓g the overall EU-China relationship.He added that he is confident that President Xi's visit ▓will achieve fruitful results and become a new importan

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    ▓t milestone in the development of Greece-China and EU-China relati

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    ons.After the talks, the two leaders me▓t journalists and attended a

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    ceremony for the exchange of bilateral cooperation documents cover

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ird, the two s ides should deep en cultural and pe ople-to-peop le exchanges. They should not only strengthe ▓n exchanges and mutual learning in inheriting the rich cultura l heritage of thei r ancestors, b ut also make i nnovations from the current trends o f world developm ent. The t wo sides shoul d promote personne▓ l exchanges and coop 滦平县5G 景宁畲族自治县5G 新干县wap 浠水县5G 巴青县wap 中江县wap 江口县wap 呈贡县wap 奉化市wap 故城县wap 牟定县5G 土默特右旗wap 乐亭县wap 含山县wap 旌德县wap 武陟县wap 澄江县5G 玉环县5G 嫩江县wap 蓬安县5G 新开传奇私服 传奇私服赌博猜大小 传奇私服挂机脚本教程 妖神传传奇私服 传奇私服单机架设教程 仙剑版本传奇私服迷失 传奇私服单职业新开 传奇私服怎么开 1.80复古传奇私服发布网 传奇私服加速挂